Plastering Calculator online | Download Estimation in PDF


The plastering calculator calculates the amount of materials needed to complete the plastering work of house construction.

Find out how much cement and sand you will need to finish your house plastering with this calculator.

How to use Plastering Calculator

A plastering calculator is used to measure how much cement and sand are required for your wall plastering. Just you wanted to enter the length and width of your house walls rest of the things calculator will take care.

How does the Plastering calculator work

Firstly we took input in Feets and then the calculator convert it to meters (1 foot = 0.3048 meter). Next, we calculate how many square meters the wall area is.

Depending on this we calculate the wet volume and dry volume with plastering thickness of 12 MM.

Then we know how many kilograms of cement are required based on the cement density.

Saint comes in 50kg in a bag. The calligrapher will tell you how many bags you need depending on it.

How many tons of sand is required is based on the dry density of sand 1550.


You make a lot of money building a house. Some may have worked hard and others may have taken out a loan through a bank.

It is important to know how much material is needed for any work so that the hard-earned money can be used efficiently.

That is why this calculator is useful for you.

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