Complete information on Wood Ceiling Advantages and Disadvantages

Ceiling a house using wood has been a part of our house construction since ancient times.

The main thing to discuss is how useful wood ceilings can be based on the changes that have taken place in the construction industry at present.

Many home builders want to use natural materials as much as possible. Due to this trend, most people in the house are still using natural stone instead of tile flooring.

When it comes to the ceiling, the ancient structures and the interior ceiling in the royal castles were made entirely of wood, which added to the beauty of the roof.

The importance of wood ceilings has decreased due to the wide variety of ceilings available in the current market. One of the main reasons for this is the difficult availability of timber and the sharp rise in prices due to low supply and rising demand.


Since wood is a material found in nature, it plays a major role in giving a natural look to a home.

Apart from that wood ceiling does not contain any toxic chemicals and this ceiling does not cause any health problems.

Items used in the ceiling can be moved to another location, or used in the manufacture of other materials, in the manufacture of goods. Or can also be used as a cooking accessory.

It is in a natural color so the wall does not need to be trimmed. A good wood polish gives a low cost royal look.


A notable major flaw in the wood ceiling is that it can be considered a cause of deforestation.

Wood ceiling requires the use of large quantities of good quality timber, for which a large number of forests have to be cut down. It has the potential to have an impact on the environment.

Another factor in the wood ceiling is that it does not tolerate termites. Termites can quickly attack and lose their beauty or shorten their lifespan.

Termite problem for wood

Unable to make more designs only need to make certain designs. And the colors also have to use mostly natural colors.

The speed at work is not high and the ceiling takes a long time to do.


Those who think the price is high and environmentally friendly do not like to do this ceiling much.

There is a growing trend towards alternative ceilings such as PVC and gypsum, which are available at lower prices.

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