VOX Infratop False Ceiling Advantages & Drawbacks

Many changes are taking place taken housing with the changing seasons. False ceiling is also important in House Construction right now. Let us now learn about the new type that came in False Ceiling.

The False Ceiling we are going to find out is a European company. Its name is Vox Soffit Infratop Ceiling.

It is a material made of polyvinyl, which is an alternative to PVC Ceiling.


This ceiling has many useful features that make it suitable for the current construction industry.


First and foremost it is 100% waterproof material.

If you soak it in water or wash it, the ceiling sheets will not be damaged and the color will not change.

Vox ceiling is available in natural colors. Touching also makes you feel like you are touching a real wood ceiling.

Other uses

It is very easy to install, as well as easy to move the installed ceiling to another house. This is a specialty found only in the Vox ceiling.

It has very little maintenance. Dust can be easily wiped off or washed off with water.

Vox sheets are thin and lightweight. This will prevent the weight from falling on our house slab.

Flexible Material Sheets do not damage even when bent at 360 degrees.

Fire retardant

Another important element in the Vox soffit ceiling is that it acts as a Fire Retardant.

Unlike other PVC ceilings, fires do not cause problems such as dripping down.

It does not fall down unless it just turns black powder.


This includes a device called a J trim that can not be turned into a full round shape but a round shape ceiling can also be done through aluminum channels.

We cannot change the colors of the ceiling as we like, it is not possible to paint the sheets.

Can’t do as much design as in Gypsum or POP ceiling.

Available only in some limited colors so we may not find colors that suit our taste.


It stands apart from other products on the market when it comes to warranty.

Vox offers a 35-year warranty on its product in European countries, unlike any other company.

In India however, you get a ten-year warranty on behalf of the company as per Indian regulations.

The company is responsible for repairing and delivering to you at no extra charge.

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