PVC Ceiling Full Details, Advantages and Disadvantages

PVC polyvinyl chloride is one of the most widely used types of false ceilings in house construction these days. It is used as an alternative to Gypsum and POP. A unique feature of PVC compared to these two ceilings is the waterproof material.

It is a factory-made material so it comes in different sizes in different colors.


PVC ceiling has durability and is a waterproof material so it will last for more days. It will not bend, crack or fade for many years.

Good material is used to prevent wastage during work and to prevent dust during installation. But when ceiling Gypsum or POP then we notice that the dust comes out more.

The designs are available to suit the taste of the customer so it will be easy to choose.

Another unique feature of PVC is that the ceiling process does not require the use of wallpaper or painting. This will allow us to reduce the installation time by up to 50%.

It weighs less compared to other ceilings and is lightweight which helps to prevent excess weight on the slab.


Since it is a polyvinyl product we can consider it as a cause of Environmental Pollution.

Some harmful chemicals are added during the preparation of the material but it is likely to have an impact on human health.

It does not help stop heat like gypsum and POP ceilings. This product is not very useful for those who are single floor builders or those who live in sunny areas who want to use it for heat relief.

If you want to do this ceiling because you have an iron roof house then it is completely useless.

However, some companies have introduced heat insulation process so we can reduce the heat till the product of those companies.

It is always best to choose a product with a good rating as problems like breakage and color shading can occur if low-quality material is used.


When it comes to price it varies depending on the city. In India, they charge from Rs 120 to Rs 600 per square foot.

The average highest purchase price is between 200 and 350 rupees.

It should also be noted that the cost of paint and putty is lower, although it is slightly higher in price than traditional ceilings.

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