Poly Granite sheets Review, Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Poly Granite? Method of preparation.

Poly Granite is a factory-made item that has a better look and shine than Marble, Granite, and Tiles.

These sheets are made of limestone, UPVC, and some chemicals. These sheets are available in 1. 5mm and 3mm thickness.

They are 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. These measurements are subject to change depending on the company.

Available in Granite and Marble Patterns and Available in a variety of colors, the glass is polished.

Installation process

Its installation does not require anything like Cement Sand. These sheets can be glued to plastered or smooth cement walls.

The glue available for pasting these sheets needs to be applied to the back of the sheet and to the wall to attach the sheet.

When installing the sheets it is a good idea to make sure that the walls do not get wet or oily. If this is the case then maybe the glue sticks out too quickly.

Where can it be used? Where not to use.

It should not be used on the exterior as it is a single interior product. Do not use it in sunny or rainy areas.

Can be used for interior walls, False ceilings, Cupboards, Tabletops, Dining tables, Windows, Doors, Bathrooms, etc.

Not to be used in flooring areas. This is because of the fact that they are less dense and can be worn out quickly.


1) There will be a natural stone look.

2) Not only does it prevent cracks, but it also prevents cracks from appearing on the walls.

3) Color shading does not cause scaling like normal paint. Shining will not last long.

4) It protects the walls from heat to some extent.

5) Fire retardant prevents the flame from spreading from one place to another.

6) The waterproof material is waterproof and does not soak in the washing water.


1) They are more expensive and costly to install compared to paint.

2) It has a natural look but it is not a natural stone.

3) Light reflections are high. Feeling in the showroom rather than at home.

4) There will be no chance to change the color in the future.

5) If the glue is not applied properly there is a possibility of swelling in the middle part of the sheet.

6) Sound Echo is likely to occur at home when the resound comes.

7) This is just an interior product that can not be used on the exterior.


The price of a poly granite sheet is 60 to 80 rupees per square foot. Prices range from Rs 120 to Rs 180 per square foot, including installation.

The cost for poly granite sheets is much higher compared to the price of paint. Lifetime also increases.


We do not have a warranty on normal paint but the companies that offer poly granite sheets offer a 10-year warranty.

The company is responsible if problems such as color shade arise.

How to use it reduces cost and enhances the look.

Using a combination of home painting and poly granite can enhance the beauty of our home.

It can be used instead of decollete near cupboards.

Using a wall in the bedroom, near the TV unit, in the dining area, like a tabletop, near the stairs will enhance the look.

It can be described as a single-use item for shops and showrooms. Rental shops are especially useful for them. These sheets can be easily reused elsewhere when changing shops.

Those who want the house to be bright can use these sheets throughout the house as well.

This is more useful than tiles in the bathroom. Tiles are more likely to be exposed to soap stains after a few days but these sheets are less susceptible to such things.

Poly Granite sheets Dealers

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This is one is a new product so deals are available in all areas but you have to find them. Basically, Polygranite official sites provide their dealer’s and sub-dealers addresses along with contact numbers.

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