Andhra Pradesh Govt housing scheme new House Plan

The housing scheme introduced by the Andhra Pradesh government will benefit many poor people.

It is a plan to make the dream of owning a home come true for the middle class.

Despite criticism that the government is allocating less space for house construction, more and more people are leaving the criticism and wondering how to use the less space given.

At the same time, people are inclined towards drawing up new home plans. As part of that, a plan has been prepared on our website as well.

The house plan was made using the least amount of space efficiently.

About the house plan


Each measurement has accuracy. In addition, it was drawn following the principles of Vastu.

That is what users need to note. If you need to change any of these, you will need to make adjustments to suit your needs.

For example in this house plan, the door in the bathroom can be used in 4 directions, it is best to choose which one suits your home.

Download the PDF

You can download and use the PDF plan on your mobile by clicking on the link here.

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Home dimensions


The total area to be built for the house is 20 feet long and 17 feet wide.

It has a hall, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom.

Hall Dimensions: The walking area is 15 feet long. The main hall area is 8’6 “wide and 9’0” long.

Kitchen: Built a little smaller, most of the time you will have the opportunity to pack most of the items on the cement shelves.

The kitchen measures 7 feet wide and 5 feet 6 inches long. We set up cooking gas on the east side.


Bedroom: 8 feet wide by 9 feet long. Cupboards can be placed on the north side. There is a window to the wall on the south side. If you want a window, it is possible to change it to the west side as well.

Bathroom: The bathroom is five feet six inches long and three feet six inches wide. Its doors can be changed to suit our needs.

Home Construction Budget:

Costs vary from region to region. In general, it costs around Rs 5 to 6 lakh to build a house with these dimensions.

Rising construction material prices are likely to have an impact on new home builders.


The plan is free to download in pdf and can be modified to suit your needs. It is provided to you only in Education Purpose The final decision in the construction of your home is yours.

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