What is Tiles Flooring Advantages, Designs, Sizes

Tiles Flooring is one of the most widely used flooring products today.

In homes, tile flooring is used in many places, such as Shopping malls, Conference halls, and Function halls.

The main reason for using it extensively is the low maintenance of the tiles. More space can be cleaned in less time.

This type of flooring prevents the entire floor from getting curved in height. This flooring is convenient to use a vacuum cleaner, robot cleaners newly introduced in the market.


Tile flooring earns a higher score than marble flooring in terms of look and design.

Because the tiles are factory made so we can print colors, designs, patterns, and pictures to suit our taste.

But since Marble is found naturally in nature, it is difficult to attribute colors to man-made designs.


We can take the sizes we want to be based on the dimensions of the area where we want to floor. Tiles are available in the market from one square foot to ten square feet and more.

Also available in different shapes like curve shape, rhombus, square, rectangle.

If you can not find the size you like, they can order a large number of structures and personally order the company and get the tiles in the sizes and colors of their choice.

Speed ​​at work

The tiles are factory made so the dimensions are accurate. There is not much work to be done by the cuttings.

For this reason work with tiles is completed 65% faster than Marble Flooring.

These will not have any extra work like polishing after the tiles are installed.

Without getting too far in the joints, the flooring looks beautiful.

Additional specialties

Vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, etc. can be found in different models of the House, Parking area, Elevation to meet our needs.

They are available in a variety of colors and play their part in enhancing the aesthetics of the home due to their glossy appearance.

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