What is Shear Wall Technology? Complete information

Shear wall Technology is currently the most heard name in the construction industry.

Shear wall technology is the construction of the walls with RC (Reinforced Concrete) as well as how to lay the slab to the roof of the house.

In this, iron sheets are placed on both sides where the walls are built and a wall-shaped grate is hung between them with iron beams.

After weaving, the shear wall walls are constructed in the same way as a house slab with a mixture of concrete.


The walls built in this Architectural style are much harder than Redbrick, AAC blocks, and cement bricks.

It does not have the problems of cracking and scaling as other walls do.

Another unique feature of  Shear walls is that they are very smooth and do not require single plastering or double plastering. This saves us time and money.

Even if the walls are cured then the wall can be laid directly and the painting work can be started.

Giving the plumbing pipeline while the walls are being built will also save this time.

No need to search for good-quality bricks. We can mix the concrete mixture we want and get the stiffness we like.

The thickness of the retaining walls in this technology can range from 150 mm to a maximum of 400 mm.


These Construction tools may not be available in all areas as it is currently under development.

The greater the distance between the service provider and customer, the higher the transport charges and the money for accommodation arrangements.

Being walls built with concrete means that small changes have to be made anywhere in the future which is a bit of a chore.

Pre-laying the plumbing pipeline means that any changes or additions must be made in the final stage, which can be a daunting task.

What kind of people is this useful for?

This is useful for those who are building Large Apartments. Because they bring the material once and use them until the work is done. Their work will also be completed quickly.

For small home builders, the construction is completed with Red Bricks at a lower cost than using this technology. Some money is mostly wasted.

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