Where and how to use Wall Papers for your House

Wallpapers are a great way to get the Colors, Flowers and Patterns we like easily and quickly.

Wallpapers have always been available in the market but now they are breaking new ground.

3D Wallpaper, 3D Wallpaper, Texture Wallpapers, Poly Vinyl Wallpapers, Foil Wallpapers Many new models are coming out like this.

Many people have the myth that wallpapers do not last long, deteriorate quickly and fade in color. The main reason for this is not knowing where and how to use them.

Inexpensive wallpapers, if you use low quality wallpapers you may encounter problems. There is no doubt that good brand or quality checked wallpapers will last longer.

It is best to use wallpapers mostly in Bedrooms, Halls, near the TV unit. These places are more likely to be forgiving.

If used in damp places like bathroom and kitchen, the gum will blow away quickly.

Wallpapers are different from the usual looking like Regular paint. Help enhance the beauty of the home.

It is better to use wallpapers mostly for plain walls. Putting in places where there are cuts means that well-functioning workers are needed.


In terms of price, wallpapers are available from Rs. 40 to Rs. 200 per Square Foot.

Wallpapers are also available for you on Flipkart and Amazon. After seeing the review you can also order the wallpaper that suits your taste online.

Or it is better to buy quality, size design directly from the local store. If possible you will also get an installation service from them.


Paint, Marble, Granite, Quartz, or Polyvinyl sheets can also be used as an alternative to wallpapers.

If not these are high cost and time consuming. Nowadays wallpapers have got some good thickness and by using them we can get a look like marble and granite.

But it is not advisable to use wallpapers for all the walls of the house, it is better to use only up to one wall in the living room where the house needs to look attractive.

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