Alternative for River Sand in House Construction

Sand is not available in all areas to meet growing construction needs.

Even those available in some areas are unable to afford their middle class due to their high price.

The main reason for this reduction in the sand is the dams and projects we are building to store water. Due to the increase in their structure at present, the sand behind them does not go along the river banks.

20 years ago there were piles of sand on the banks of every river but today we can observe that the flow of rivers is declining and the sand is not due to projects.

Lack of sand has caused not only depletion of groundwater but also a serious problem in the construction sector.

We need sand in every work of house building. The current lack of access to clean river sand has made it time to look for alternatives.

Robosand (M Sand) is currently used as an alternative to river sand. It is like river sand that gives strength to our house.

Preparation method of Robo Sand

If robosand preparation is observed. The boulders in the big hills are crushed into crushers and made into flour. Drying is done until almost like sand.

A unique element in the preparation of anything. Although it is made from natural stones, it is made by crushing humans and can be made to the desired size to suit our needs.

In some areas, a small amount of ash is also mixed in Robo Sand or M Sand.

Precautions to take at the time of purchase

Although Robo sand is a good alternative to sand right now, it is important to look at it properly and buy it.

As usage increased, so did the number of plants that produced it. Some businesses that aim to make money are involved in scams and selling at high prices.

In some other areas, Ash and Clay are mixed and sold. You will need to consider all of these and buy a good quality Robot Sand or M Sand.

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