Know about the Elevation Design that gives Beauty to a Home

Elevation design enhances the exterior aesthetics of the home in home construction.

Let us now learn the hints and highlights related to elevation.

Designing the inside of the house as you like is an elevation that makes the exterior look impressive when elevated
Elevation design should also be done by a Structural Engineer at the time of drawing up a plan for building a house.

Here too the elevation is drawn depending on the facing. The mistake that most people make when they forget all this is to search the internet and get elevated.

House Beauty Justify by Elevation Design.


It is very much based on the wrong elevation design structural drawing If the elevation is good there is also a possibility of a 25% increase in the price of the house.

Types of Elevation

Elevation design can also be done with Stainless Steel Plate. This is called stencil elevation and the LEDs are mounted wall to wall with a gap of three and a half inches.

Emboss the design you want on the steel plate. Lighting at night gives a stunning look.

Another Chess Board Elevation This type of elevation is more common in Indore, Madhya Pradesh. The whole house is designed in black and white in this elevation model.

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