Detailed Information on False Ceiling Gypsum & POP

False ceilings are also important in enhancing the beauty of the home in detail. Consumers are a bit skeptical in deciding which is better due to the variety of material coming in the false ceiling.

As part of that, we will now learn the complete information about the POP ceiling and gypsum ceiling and the differences between them.

The rest of the posts will also detail the different types of ceilings.


The main ceilings widely used in the current market are POP and gypsum ceilings. The reason they are so widely used is that they are so affordable and easy to work with.

The POP ceiling is done with a mixture of plaster of Paris. These sheets are placed under the slab to seal the house.

Gypsum ceiling sheets are made with gypsum. Cardboard paper is affixed to the bottom and top of these sheets.


These two ceilings also have the same installation procedure. The sheets are fastened with iron straps to the bottom of the house slab.

The design work is done in a way that is suitable for the customer after first placing a simple ceiling.

The POP powder is mixed with water to seal the joints between the sheets in two ways as well as to give a better finish.

Once the installation is complete, the painting work will begin.


Now let’s talk about what gives POP and gypsum a longer lifespan.

POP lifetime is shorter compared to gypsum The main reason for this is that there is no paper above or below for POP ceiling protection.

And POP absorbs moisture somewhat faster than gypsum. Its average lifespan is 6 to 8 years.

The gypsum ceiling looks clean and has a longer lifespan. Usually, 8 to 10 is even higher if the maintenance is correct.

Pros & Corns

1) Which of the two has its own peculiarities.

2) Gypsum has some additional uses when examined over time.

3) A major problem with the gypsum ceiling is that it has a paper coating so it can have a termites problem. At the time of painting proper care must be taken to prevent termite.

4) Gypsum ceilings can have more designs. Most of the working time is not wasted.

5) Based on the above I think what kind of ceiling should be done to your home will help you come to a decision.

6) Next, we will learn about other types of ceilings such as PVC, Wood, HPL

7) Both Ceiling types are not useful for Exterior These are interior only.

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