Wood Flooring Types and Usage information

Although Wood Flooring is not widely used today, it is still used by some as a symbol of royalty.

Wood flooring has been available since ancient Housing. Used not only as wood flooring but also as Ceiling, and as Pillars and Beams.

We can see this flooring in ancient buildings and houses. This flooring is low due to the low availability of wood at present.

Types of wood used in wood flooring

This flooring is made of different types of wood. Most commonly used wood species

Oak – The most commonly used wood flooring type of wood.

Mahogany – It helps in giving a royal look to the floor.

Pine – It is the somewhat cheaper middle class they will be delicious too.

Cherry Wood – Very pretty neat

Teak – It is very sturdy and gives more lifetime. Its price is also high.

In what areas is it used?

Wood flooring is widely used in homes that are often damaged by Earthquakes and Storms.

This will help speed up the work during the renovation.

This flooring is mostly used in the state of Kerala in India. Wood flooring and ceilings are preferred here due to the high availability of timber and houses along rivers.


Wood Flooring is a costly affair. Those who do this work may or may not be available in all areas.

The declining number of forests is a major reason for the growing Greenhouse effect in the current pen.

Wood flooring requires a large amount of wood which can lead to Deforestation which is detrimental to the environment.

The problem of termites is high. There is a possibility of termites from any home sources whether the maintenance is proper or not.

Its lifespan is very short compared to Marble and Tile Flooring. And the cost is high.

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